Usb Profile

USB Access Settings

It regulates the permissions on USB modules and devices. Webcam, printer, USB memory on the related Ahenk machine and edit mouse-keyboard permissions. As a result of selecting the do not allow option, the user can delete the disallowed usb module. cannot use. If none of the allow or deny options are selected, the relevant usb element will not be allowed. For this reason, the "Allow" option must be selected for permission.

This policy also includes whitelist and blacklist. Allow whitelisted USB devices under all circumstances. Devices added to the blacklist are not allowed in any way.


In order to achieve this, the manufacturer, model and serial number of the desired device are entered into the desired list. any device Addition is made on the list by selecting it and clicking the “Add” button. In the same way, by pressing the "Delete" button, the selected the record is deleted.