Upgrade to Lider 3.0

Updating from Lider v2 to Lider v3

The following commands are run respectively on the Lider v2 server;

wget https://liderahenk.org/downloads/liderahenk_v2_to_v3.sh

chmod +x liderahenk_v2_to_v3.sh

Before executing the following command, the Lider Server IP address is given as a parameter ($lider_server_ip_address).

sudo /bin/bash liderahenk_v2_to_v3.sh $lider_server_ip_address

Eg: sudo /bin/bash liderahenk_v2_to_v3.sh 192.168.x.x

By typing $lider_server_ip_address:8080 in the internet browser, Liderahenk Central Management System application is opened and the following settings are applied respectively.

1) Liderahenk Central Management System application is entered by entering Lider Interface user name and password.

Liderahenk Login

2) The Server Settings page opened by clicking on the Settings button.

Liderahenk Settings

3) By clicking on the Other Settings tab, the changes are saved by selecting from which domain the users will be authorized (sudo) and according to which registration template type the clients will register settings according to the authorization and registration template policies in Lider v2.0 version.

Liderahenk Other Settings